12 March 2011

Canon 35mm F/2 on the Trail

Panoramic, ISO 160, f2.8(mistake) 1/1600 (Pay attention to your settings)
Ok, after finally taking this lens out for a test run, I was happy with the results. I like the feel of a "normal" lens.  I have a 50mm, which a lot of photographers have. Mine is a f1.4. However, I run a ASP-C sensor, so what is normal on say a 5D or a 35mm is not on the cropped sensor.  And like many who shoot with an ASP-C you might think it looks pretty normal to you.  As a 7D owner, and previous owner of a 40D, 20D, and a Rebel 300D, you get use to the focal length of your lenses and until you switch to a full frame, you are always at a loss, without really knowing it. So I decide after an article I read about shooting panoramic images with a normal lens, to find a truer  normal for my ASP-C camera.  (For about the search and options for a normal lens: http://zehphotoblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/going-normal-with-35mm-lens-on-7d-for.html)

ISO 160, f2.8(mistake) 1/800
So I took this out on the trail into the Superstition mountains, in Arizona.  I took a variety of landscape images, including a panoramic. Now I did have to hand hold the panoramic so the results are not that great, mainly because I usually shoot a panoramic on a tripod, with a Nodal Ninja. On this day I didn't bring my extra equipment. I was hiking with some new people, and I didn't want them to have to stop for me, or for me to lose my group as it was my first experience on this trail (Hieroglyphics Trail.) Next time, I will go out on my own, since I know the hike, but temps are already getting ready to hit the mid 90's two weeks into March.  This hike starts in the desert, so the heat factor with added equipment rather sucks. Lucky that day was only in the low 70's but the next day was already jumping into the 80's. (Spring in Arizona, is actually springing from the 70's to the 100's in like 2 to 3 weeks) Anyway, I digress.  So I did take a number of photos, mainly with my newly converted 40D IR. The shots were stunning (ok that's my opinion, but many others thought they were great too.)  I shot a couple of compositions I really liked, but I was rushing and not paying attention to my f/stop which I had at 2.8. Duh! Not good when you want a large depth of field in a landscape shot.  Nevertheless, if it wasn't for my screw up this was a champ for a lens.  

ISO 160, f8(much better) 1/250

The lens makes a little noise, but overall not enough to scare anything off. It focuses quick and accurately. And if you are looking for a decent, fast, and Normal lens for an ASP-C sensor-ed camera, I would definitely recommend this one.  If you can afford the high end version which is the 35mm f/1.4 for $1400, go for it, but if you want something in at about $310, I would jump on this one.

ISO 160, f/8, 1/200

I often will shoot at 160 instead of 100, due to Canon's slightly off ISO's seem to be there prime ISO's which get a little better quality from what I have read.

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