05 July 2012

Scorpion Plate : A New DSLR Rig

Scorpion Plate : A New DSLR Rig

I am always looking for improvements and alternatives to equipment out on the market which can provide as good or better results than industry standards. The Scorpion plate is a full adjustable DSLR rig which can give you many options to your video filming needs. I like being able  to change configurations on the fly and I like I can use it in a host of applications for my video/film work.

Scorpion Rig
The system is based upon a plate with a number of threaded holes on all sides to allow a variety of attachment points which you can add the popular  magic articulating arms.  With the plate you just add a Monfrotto 577 quick release or the Calumet compatible equivalent, if you are looking for more savings. The unit can use the shoulder brace for more stability  and you can easily make it compatible to slide from one rig to a tripod using Monfrotto video  heads.

Scorpion Plate - PhotoZblog from Anthony Zeh on Vimeo.

If you like this design you can always go with a similar design by Cinevate which has a system which is nice, but too costly for me. For just over the cost of the base plate of their Simplis release plate, I built this whole system.  One of their nice adjustable arms runs about $110 compared to an articulaing arm at about $25.
3 Arm Shoulder Rig

Fig Rig

Parts of the Scorpion rig

Pistol Grip

Upright Rig

Currently this is just a concept , so not available in stores or online. If this is a product people would be interested in, please drop a response. 


  1. I am really interested in this design, I'm looking for a rig that will allow top handle AND 'upright' style grip. Perfect!

  2. I love it! Could you please make a parts list? I'd love to be able to build this myself, as an aspiring filmmaker. I've been looking for so long for a versatile shoulder mount and this is perfect! Thank you so much :D

  3. I'd buy this in a jiffy. Come over to Frugal Film Maker section at Facebook and talk this up.

    Sell the plate for $30 and you'll have your first order from me....

    --gaijin in Monterey, California

  4. Love this - very interested. Hope it goes into production soon.

  5. I would definitely be interested in this, Please let me know if the parts are ever available

  6. Can you tell me where you sourced the parts for this rig? Thanks, T

    1. The adjustable arms and the slide plate(monfrotto) are available at most camera sites. The rest of the pieces (mount plate, handles, shoulder pad) are all custom machined from solid pieces of aluminum.

  7. I think this product is worth investing in.
    If you produce any for sale I would be willing to make a purchase.