30 September 2011

DIY DSLR Shoulder Rig

Fun DIY DSLR Shoulder Rig 

*Build videos now available at Vimeo and YouTube (see end of article)
*** DIY Follow Focus now added see video here! Includes Follow Focus Build Video.

I came across a DIY rig, named the Johan plug wire clamp rig. This was a setup I liked because it gave a feel of a true system at a cost effective price. You do compromise the standard 60mm clamps systems with 15mm carbon fiber, but you do get a usable rig for a fraction of the cost. I used red billet Wire clamps from E-bay made by SickSpeed. It required 8 sets and was probably the most expensive part of the build with an exception of the Monfrotto release plate. I also upgraded the system with a variable counterweight system, an added focusing clamp, and inexpensive matte box (doesn't except filters) more for cutting glare. the 9.5mm rods are fiberglass tent poles which I bought two sets. I am thinking of upgrading to solid aluminum, or carbon fiber which I found wasn't all that expensive.   Another rigs at the Cheesy Cam blog.

Video with equipment explaination

This was a fun little project, and suits my needs, until I am making the big bucks with video. But since I am not doing much video, at the moment, it does well. I have since added a 160 LED light to the rig and a Lilliput 7" monitor which you can see in the video, as well as a second focusing clamp to the zoom control on the lens.

Rig with Monfrott release plate, clamp on focus ring, matte box, and Hoodman loupe.

2 (12 piece sets) SickSpeed clamps - $60 Ebay
2 sets 9.5 tent poles - $18 dept store or sporting goods store
357 Monfrotto release $45 b&h
Misc. hardware $8 home depot (2 - 5m/40mm screws and 2 - 5m/25mm screws + 6 - 5m locking nuts)
Matte Box $35 Ebay - **this only fit about a 72mm lens
Weights $6 (custom welded holder) sporting goods store
padded shoulder support $3 (Custom fabricated)

(Lilliput 7" monitor $199, 160 LED dimmable light $50)

total about $185

$2,231 with 7d, rode mic, hoodman loupe, and a 16gb Cf card. Roughly the price of just a pro rig, but with this one you get the camera!

Build videos available at Vimeo and YouTube. 4 videos for the entire build.

Build Video #1

Build Video #2

Build Video #3

Build Video #4

(New Updated Shoulder Rest)