06 December 2011

DSLR Shoulder rig in action and Friction Follow Focus build

Build a Friction Follow Focus

Had some request to see my rig in action, and what it looks like up on a shoulder.  I have since added a follow focus and have a couple of additions coming up. I just ordered some carbon fiber rods to replace the fiberglass for a stiffer feel. Also adding a couple more sickspeed clamps to strengthen the connection from the camera mount to the shoulder mount. It holds up fine but I want to make it a bit more rigid.

DIY Shoulder Rig

Rig components include Canon 7D, Matte Box, LED light, Tascam DR-40, and Lilliput 668GL monitor.  Shoulder rig build videos.

The build for the Friction follow focus was designed  around the IKAN friction follow focus which runs about $199. Mine was about $50 at most. 

Friction Follow Focus Build Video 

Materials for the build:
4.5" piece of 1"x1/8" alum.
2" piece of 1" x1" alum bar.
(1) 1/4 - 20 thumb screw
SickSpeed Clamp (or some 15mm clamp if you have a real DSLR Rig)

Tools needed -
Drill and bits
small hacksaw
1/4 - 20 Thread Tap

Please leave comments or questions below. If you build your own rig, please share your link here! Thanks!


  1. Anthony, what are the slickspeed clamps? where did you get them?

  2. @Hekka70 "Sickspeed clamps" are billet spark plug wire clamps available on ebay. I am putting a link to that in the parts list above. You would only use that if you are building you system out of these clamps as it's not compatible with a standard 15mm dslr rig. If your interested in the shoulder rig build the link to that is under DIY shoulder rig video above.If you have a standard 15mm DSLR rig, you could order a clamp for that system and this Follow Focus system would work on that too.

  3. I was wondering what type of plate you are mounting the base of your camera on?

    1. I am using a Monfrotto 577 Quick release. I have them on all my gear so I can go from one rig to another and to tripods without changing plates.

  4. i can't place an order of the Hugo L-box since i live in United states, any ways i can purchase these?

    1. nevermind i found it on amazon