22 April 2011

Slow Photography Camera

Slow Photography - David McCourt - www.dmccourt.com.

Another great concept for Photography Junkies. I was surfing forums and Blogs and came across this cool design by David McCourt for a Mobile camera Mod. I collect old cameras, but have a passion for new technology. This grabbed my eye. You just drop in your mobile phone and give it that medium format camera feel. Not sure if this is something that would hit the market, but if it does, I would be so tempted on snatching one of these just for fun. I would take it out, walking around taking pictures on an art walk or some other event. This is the type of thing that would actually draw subjects in, due to pure curiosity. Check out more at David's Website at: www.dmccourt.com


Beyond David's design for a cool camera box, he is a talented photographer with some nice edgy images. David is a UK based photographer in Scotland. I really dig his Portraits and band photos with their rather dark ominous feel.  So if you are looking for a portrait photographer or a Wedding Photographer in the UK, check him out. Don't worry his dark ominous feel doesn't cross over to his wedding images. Also check out this video by David of one of his earlier designs.

So cool. Reminds me of my art school days. See more of David's behind the scenes videos Here.


  1. wow! that's amazingly terrible!
    comments and rating have both been disabled on the video, so i'm not the only one who thinks so.
    I don't hate the item itself as much as I hate how pretentiously it's presented in the video.

    Cool blog BTW. got here as from your DIY rig video on YT.
    I've got a similar one. It used to look like yours but has been changed a ton since.
    Trying to find the perfect setup.. :)

  2. @nitsantv - Thanks for your comment. It's too bad he has turned off comments on his video.

    As far as your DIY rig goes. Please post a link on the DIY Shoulder rig comments to your rig. I would love for people to share their ideas.